Corporate Governance

Healthy Investment is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.


We subscribe to the Annotated Combined Code of Corporate Governance for mutual insurance companies.



All adult members are invited to attend, or vote by proxy, at our Annual General Meeting.


Our 2017 AGM was held on 23rd June 2017. 


You can download minutes of this meeting, which includes details of the votes cast for each resolution. 






Solvency & Financial Condition Report


This new regulatory report gives you more information on the Society, its performance and financial stability.







Meet the Board



All of our Directors are elected at an Annual General Meeting at which all members are entitled to vote. Find out more about our Executive and Non-executive Directors.





Friendly Society Rulebook



As a friendly society we have a rulebook whch sets out the way we are run.  You can download a copy of this rulebook here.







Annual Report and Accounts



Download a copy of our latest published Annual Report and Accounts.







Board and Committee Terms of Reference


The Board meets at least 6 times per year. In addition there are Audit, Risk, Remuneration, Nomination, Investment & With-profits Committees.