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Healthy Investment's With-profits Fund

Healthy Investment's Tax Exempt and Standard Savings Plans, Investment Bonds and ISAs invest in the Healthy Investment With-profits Fund. This includes a mix of different assets which are actively managed to maximise the potential for growth whilst managing risk.




Asset Allocation

Key to the success of maximising investment returns for members is the mix of assets that we hold. This changes over time based on the view of the Investment Managers, With-profits Actuary and Board.




Fund Managers

To help ensure members receive the very best possible return we use professional fund managers to actively manage the stocks and shares and fixed interest bond portfolios within the With-profits Fund.


Investec are our appointed fund managers.


We appointed Investec for their global expertise, financial strength and their active approach to both equity and fixed interest trading, in order to identify every opportunity for maximising returns.


The Board constantly monitor their performance. You can find our more about Investec and experience and expertise of working with mutual organisations here.



With-profits investments grow through the regular bonuses that are added to your investment.


Once a regular or reversionary bonus has been added to an investment it can never be taken away, providing all future contributions to the plan are maintained.


Members may also receive a final terminal bonus to further increase the amount they receive on maturity, death or withdrawal.


Whilst past performance is not a guarantee or guide to future performance we publish our past bonus rates on the website. Bonus rates can change every year and could, in exceptional circumstances, be nil. They depend on investment performance and other factors.





Principles and Practices of Financial Management

Further information on our approach to managing our With-profits Fund are contained within our customer friendly version of our Principles and Practices of Financial Management which you can download here.


The full technical version of our PPFM is also available for download here.