As a mutual friendly society everything we do is for the benefit of members.


With no shareholders to worry about we can concentrate on providing members with quality products, maximising member returns and providing an excellent service.


Regular bonuses

Regular bonuses are calculated every year and are added to your investment.


You will receive a bonus statement from us to explain the level of

bonus we have added and to let you know how your investment is doing.


With-profits investments aim to provide a consistent return to members.  


Once a bonus has been added to your investment it can never be taken away. Bonuses increase the guaranteed payout at the end of the policy, providing of course that regular premiums continue to be paid until maturity.


Bonus rates depend on investment performance and other factors. Previous bonus rates are not a guide to future bonus rates. Bonus rates could, in exceptional circumstances, be reduced to nil.

A final bonus

When your savings plan matures or you cash in your investment we may even add a further final bonus to increase the amount you receive.


Final bonuses are not guaranteed, but they make sure that the amount you receive is fair.

Interim bonuses

At the start of the year interim bonus rates are set.  These are used if you surrender or withdraw from your investment part way through the year.


Unlike reversionary bonuses, which after being declared can never be changed, interim bonuses can be increased, or reduced, at any time of the year.


Interim bonus rates are set after the Society has taken a prudent view of future investment returns, expenses and solvency.


Interim bonus rates are used to calculate surrenders and claims prior to declaration of the annual bonus rate.


If you would like to know our current bonus rates, please contact our office.