Coventry Assurance

Find out more about the transfer of members and policies from Coventry Assurance to Healthy Investment.




In October 2011 Healthy Investment accepted a transfer in of all the members and policies previously held with Coventry Assurance Society Limited. This includes funeral benefit, endowment savings plan members and members with Unison Unibond policies.


Previous Coventry Assurance members are now full voting members of Healthy Investment and will receive an invitation to our Annual General Meeting where you can vote on important issues including the appointment of Directors.


We keep all of the assets and liabilities of Coventry Assurance in a separate ‘ring fenced’ fund. You can find out more about how we manage this ring fenced fund and how we calculate bonuses in our customer friendly version of our Principles and Practices of Financial Management here. You can also download the full PPFM for the ring fenced fund here.


Each year the PRA require the Board to publish a report to its With-profits policyholders explaining how we have complied with the PPFM, how the Board has exercised its discretion and managed conflicts of interest. You can download a copy of the report relating to the ring fenced fund here.


Prior to agreeing to complete the transfer Healthy Investment commissioned an Actuarial investigation. You can download a copy of a summary of the report here.


If you have any questions relating to the transfer of your policy then please do not hesitate to contact us.