As a mutual friendly society, Healthy Investment is run for the sole benefit of members.


With no shareholders to worry about we can concentrate on you the member.

Please take a few moments to get in touch and let us know how we are doing or what you think.


Tell us the good things

Maybe we have helped you save for something special, or you have used your investment for something unusual.


If you have received an exceptional service from a member of our staff or you want to comment on the return you have received from your investment we would love to hear from you.


Tell us the good things



Share your memories of the Society

When you have been around for over 175 years there are lots of stories to tell and memories to share. Maybe you attended one of the Rechabite conferences or were involved in regional or even local tent meetings. Perhaps you used to work for us either at Head Office or one of the regional offices.


Please get in touch


How can we improve our service or website

We are committed to constantly improving the service our members receive. If you have any suggestions or comments then please let us know. As a mutual organisation we rely on your feedback to improve our service for all our members.



Help us improve

Ask us a question

If you have a question relating to your policy or investment you can ask a question via our feedback form. We should be able to give you an answer by the end of the next working day.


Please remember we cannot give advice on the suitability of an investment for your personal circumstances, if you want this you should speak to a financial adviser.


Ask a question


Feel free to make a complaint if you are not satisfied

We recognise that on occasion things can go wrong.


We have a formal complaints procedure which explains what to do if you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of Healthy Investment.


Make a complaint


Join our member's panel

Members views and opinions are really important to us which is why we are working really hard to develop a panel of members who we can talk to on a regular basis.


If you join our member's panel we’ll write or email occasionally with simple questionnaires or ask for your comments on new literature. To register your interest please use the feedback form.


Register your interest