Manage Your Membership

Request a Personal Illustration and product details

Simply complete the online form and we will arrange for a Personal Illustration and full details of any of our savings and investment plans to be forwarded to you.


You can choose to receive this by post or email, whichever is best for you. More...


Sign up to a new policy online

To join today just follow the simple steps for whichever product best meets your needs. More...


Request a surrender valuation of your existing policy

If you are thinking about surrendering your policy or just want an up to date valuation you can request this online. More...






Change your address or other details

You can let us know online if you have moved or if any of your other personal details have changed. More...


Make a premium payment

For details of how to make a premium payment on your policy by cheque, Direct Debit or internet banking. More...


Complete a new Direct Debit mandate

If you want to set up a new Direct Debit simply download, complete, sign and return the mandate.


Please note that you need to complete separate Direct Debit mandates for each separate policy that you have. More...

Nominate a beneficiary

You can nominate an individual to receive the benefits of your investment if you die.


You can download a form to nominate an individual or amend an existing nomination.




Manage your Child Trust Fund

Our Child Trust Fund website now makes it easier for members to manage their Child Trust Fund online.


You can find more information on our Child Trust Fund site by clicking here.