Rechabite Products

Many of our longstanding members have investments and insurance plans that we no longer promote.


If you have a specific question or want further information on the benefits you are entitled to then please contact us.

The Standard Benefit Fund

Members contribute a regular, generally annual premium, up to the age of 65 to purchase a number of ‘shares' or 'units’. Each ‘share or unit’ provides a modest sickness benefit if the member is unable to work. Even though no more premiums are paid after the member reaches 65 there is still a benefit payable when the member dies. Currently each ‘share’ pays £40 on death, although this amount can change over time.



Regional Endowment

You may have joined the Society through one of our regional offices that we used to have and be saving on a regular basis. These plans have a guaranteed sum assured and you are guaranteed to receive this and all the bonuses that have been added when it matures, assuming of course you continue to make all the contributions that are due.


Surplus Contribution Fund

Members may have a small balance in the fund which has accumulated over the years. The Society pays a nominal rate of interest and we will write to you every year to let you know the interest we have added.

Dignity Plan

This is a whole of life insurance plan which means that, provided premiums are maintained, a cash sum will be payable on the death of the member.

As a With-profits plan we may have added bonuses to the original sum assured.



Profit Sharing Scheme

This plan allows members to claim a range of sickness benefits up to their 65th birthday after which the sickness benefit ceases leaving the fund in place.

On the death of the member the balance of the fund will be paid to the member's estate.



Guernsey Medical Plan

For an additional premium members in Guernsey are able to claim for a range of medical expenses like doctors and hospital visits, which would generally be free of charge elsewhere in the UK.