Individual Savings Accounts

An ISA is a great way of legally reducing how much tax you pay, with a limit of £20,000 for this tax year, there are more opportunities for tax free investing.


Invest for the future tax free

If you want to invest for the future without paying tax on the return your investment generates, the Healthy Investment With-profits stocks and shares ISA might be appropriate for you.


Stocks and shares ISAs are only available to UK residents over the age of 18, however an alternative Junior ISA is available for children who do not have a Child Trust Fund.


There is no maximum age for investing in a Healthy Investment ISA.


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A guaranteed return

Healthy Investment guarantees, no matter what has happened to the stock market or the value of investment we have made, that you will receive back your initial investment plus all of the bonuses that have been added to the investment, less any withdrawals of course, if the investment is cashed in on the 10th anniversary of the investment or any subsequent 5th anniversary.


We know that these important capital and bonus guarantees are important to investors.


Regular bonuses

The investment grows through the regular bonuses that are added every year. You start to earn bonus from the day that the investment is made.

When the bond is cashed in or you make a withdrawal you may also receive a final terminal bonus to further increase the amount you receive.

The level of bonus can change each year and is not guaranteed.


An affordable investment

The minimum initial investment in a Healthy Investment ISA is just £500. This makes it a real alternative to Bank or Building Society accounts if you are looking for a longer term investment with a little more risk and potentially a better return.


If you are looking to invest on a regular basis in a Healthy Investment ISA you can contribute from just £25 per month.


As long as you do not exceed the government's annual limit you can invest a combination of lump sums and regular monthly savings.


An ethical investment

Healthy Investment is an ethical provider of ethical savings and investment products. We do not knowingly invest directly in companies in the alcohol, tobacco and arms industries.



Transfer your ISA

Not all ISAs are the same and if you are not happy with the return you are receiving or the ups and downs of your stock market ISA investment, why not consider transferring your existing ISA to a Healthy Investment ISA.

You can transfer cash ISAs and stocks and shares ISAs with other providers to Healthy Investment without affecting your ISA allowance.



Junior ISAs

If your child missed out on a Child Trust Fund then they are eligible to have a Junior ISA, where they can benefit from all the tax and investment advantages of investing in a ISA.

You can find out more about the Healthy Investment Junior ISA here