Junior ISA

An opportunity for your children

The Junior ISA gives every child the opportunity to invest for a tax free payment when they are 18.



Transferring a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA

Healthy Investment is a Child Trust Fund and Junior ISA provider. This gives us the expertise to explain the similarities and differences between these two very different children’s savings accounts to you. If you want to discuss transferring a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA in more detail simply contact us. 


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A parents responsibility

Only a parent or guardian of a child under 16 can open a Junior ISA. Once it’s open anyone can make additional investments. By law, a child can only have one stocks and shares Junior ISA so it's important to choose carefully. The sooner you start to invest for them the more opportunity you have to build a cash sum that will be really useful to them. 


Children 16 and over can open their own Junior ISA.


Help with the costs of becoming an adult

If you want to help your child with university fees or living expenses a Junior ISA is a great way of investing for their future. They could use the payout to help towards buying their first house, setting up home or learning to drive.

Whatever they choose it could make a real difference to their financial start in adult life.


Regular savings that grow

A modest investment made on a regular basis can grow into a really useful cash sum. Anyone can invest in a Junior ISA on a regular basis. One off investments can also be made. Birthday and Christmas money can be invested to help provide for the child’s future.

Flexible investments

If you are investing every month for a child, you can amend or suspend the payments whenever you want. You don’t have to commit to a minimum term and you can start with just £10.


Because of the unique tax advantages of a Junior ISA the government limits the amount that you can invest every year. Currently the maximum you can invest in a Junior ISA is £4,128 per year.


When the child is 18 they can withdraw some or all of the money or leave it invested in an ISA. The choice is theirs.


Stocks and shares

The Healthy Investment With-profits Junior ISA is a stocks and shares Junior ISA which invests in the Healthy Investment With-profits Fund. This includes stocks and shares, company and government bonds, commercial property and bank deposits.

The investment grows through the regular bonuses that we add to the investment every year.

Bonus rates are not guaranteed and can change every year.


An 18th birthday guarantee

For all investments held over 5 years, Healthy Investment guarantees that when the child reaches 18, no matter what has happened to the stock market or the value of investment, they will receive all of the money that has been invested, plus all the bonuses that have been added. They may also receive a final bonus.


For investments held for less that 5 years at age 18, we make this same promise on the 5th anniversary of every investment.