Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond

Invest for the future

If you want to invest for the future the Healthy Investment Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond could give you the return and security you are looking for.


It provides exposure to stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, property, and cash deposits, whilst smoothing the investment return you receive.


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A bond for everyone

There are no age restrictions for investing in a Healthy Investment Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond. 


If the bond is for a child the investment can be made by anyone (parent, grandparent, family friend) however we must have the signature of the child's parent or guardian on the Application Form.


The Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond can be taken out in one name or joint names.


An affordable investment

The minimum investment in the Healthy Investment Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond is just £500. This makes it a real alternative to bank or building society accounts if you are looking for a longer term investment.


The maximum investment for bonds in one name is £250,000.

The maximum investment for bonds in joint names is £500,000.


The investment can be made via a cheque, made payable to Healthy Investment, or by bank transfer.



Life assurance

Whilst the Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond is primarily an investment, the bond includes life assurance which commences on our acceptance of the investment. 


If the investor dies whilst money is invested in the bond we will pay out 101% of the original investment, less any withdrawals of course, or the current value of the bond, whichever is the greather.


On the death of a joint bondholder the surviving bondholder becomes the sole holder of the bond.


Regular bonuses

The investment grows through the regular bonuses that are added every year. You start to earn bonus from the day that the investment is made.


When the bond is cashed in you may also receive a final terminal bonus to further increase the amount you receive.

The level of bonus can change each year and is not guaranteed.



Guaranteed return

The Healthy Investment With-profits Bond includes important capital and bonus guarantees.


On the 10th anniversary and every subsequent 5th anniversary you can withdraw your initial investment plus all the bonuses that have been added, less any withdrawals of course, without any penalty or market value reduction being applied.


We know that members really value these guarantees.

An ethical investment

Healthy Investment is an ethical provider of ethical savings and investment products. We do not knowingly invest directly in companies in the alcohol, tobacco and arms industries and gambling and pornography providers.


As a mutual organisation we are owned by, and run for the sole benefit of, our members. There are no shareholders to take any of the profit that your investment generates.