Regular Savings Plans

Tax Exempt Savings Plan

Take advantage of this extra government tax break by saving on a regular basis to build a really useful cash sum for you or your children.


Tax Exempt Savings Plans are unique to friendly societies. They include a guaranteed minimum cash sum on maturity, providing of course that all of the contributions have been paid and life cover.


Whilst the Tax Exempt Savings Plan limit is £25 per month per person, you can save more into our Standard Savings Plan, or individual Tax Exempt Savings Plans can be taken for each family member.





Standard Savings Plan

Because of the unique tax advantages of Friendly Society Tax Exempt Savings Plans the government limits the amount you can save to £25 per month.


If you want to save more than this on a regular basis you can invest in one of our Standard Savings Plans.


There is still a guaranteed minimum return, of up to £50,000, and life cover. A great opportunity to build an even bigger cash lump sum for the things you want.


More importantly these are qualifying life policies, which means that the return you receive is free of income tax and capital gains tax.





Tax Exempt Savings Plan

(without life cover)

If for any reason you do not want the life cover that’s automatically included in our traditional Tax Exempt Savings Plan we offer a version without.


The investment grows in the same way through the regular bonuses that we add and there is still a guaranteed minimum return, provided all of the premiums are paid.


As a Tax Exempt Savings Plan the maximum you can invest is £25 per month.


However this Tax Exempt Savings Plan does not include the life assurance that comes with our traditional Tax Exempt and Standard Savings Plans.