Tax Exempt Savings Plan (without life cover)

Traditional investment

Healthy Investment offers a traditional friendly society Tax Exempt Savings Plan without the life cover often provided by this type of investment.


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A modest investment

You can invest in a Healthy Investment Tax Exempt Savings Plan from just £10 per month. An affordable amount every month can build into a really useful cash sum to help when you need it most.

Regular savings

The Healthy Investment Tax Exempt Savings Plan commits you to investing the same amount every month. This means that over the term of the policy the amount invested builds into a sum of money that you will find useful.



Guaranteed return

The Personal Illustration will show you the absolute minimum you are guaranteed to receive when the plan matures, providing of course you have maintained your contributions.


Regular bonuses are declared every year and added to the value of the policy. Once a regular bonus has been added it can never be taken away. The level of bonus can change every year and is not guaranteed.


A final terminal bonus may also be added to further increase the amount you receive.


This Tax Exempt Savings Plan does not include life cover. In the event of a member dying during the term of the plan, either the surrender value will be paid out or all the premiums paid plus interest will be paid to the member’s estate, whichever is the higher amount.



A term to suit

You choose, at the start of the plan, how long you want to save for. It can be anything from 10 years up to 25 years, you decide.


You could plan for it to mature to coincide with a special birthday or anniversary. Maybe you are planning a special trip or simply want to help your children or grandchildren get a good start in life. You can save for a fixed number of years or for the policy to mature on a specific date.


A traditional investment for everyone

We know that endowment savings plans are really popular with lots of people. Maybe you remember similar savings schemes from childhood and remember enjoying the benefits of the cash sum when the policy matured.



The money you invest is invested in Healthy Investment's With-profits Fund. You can find out more about our fund, its performance and asset allocation. More...