Ethical, Mutual, Friendly

Healthy Investment is a mutual friendly society committed to providing ethical savings and investments. We’re owned by and run only for the benefit of you, our members – and since 1835 we’ve been helping thousands of you to save for a healthy future. Today we’re proud to offer a range of Friendly Society Tax Exempt Savings Plans, ISAs, Investment Bonds and Child Trust Funds.

  • Ethical – we never invest your money in industries that harm others

  • Mutual – we have no shareholders, so we’re run only for the benefit of you, our members

  • Friendly – we have a proud history of caring for the community we’ve been a part of since 1835

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Whether you’re looking for an ISA, an Investment Bond, or a Savings Plan, we’re here to help, with a range of ethical savings products for adults.

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my child

My Child

Looking to start putting something aside for your child’s future? We have a range of ethical savings and investment plans available.

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My Grandchild

Give your grandchild the perfect start in life with one of our ethical investment products.

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