Ethical Unit-linked ISA

For Child Trust Fund holders when they’ve turned 18

If your client has a Healthy Investment Ethical Child Trust it will, on their 18th birthday, automatically convert to an adult Healthy Investment Ethical Unit-linked ISA, with all of the same features, benefits and risks as the existing Child Trust Fund.

They don’t have to do anything, it will continue to be invested until they need it for their financial future.

A wide range of

Our Ethical Unit-linked ISA invests in a mix of UK and global stocks and shares, fixed interest bonds, commercial property and cash deposits.

Available when
they need it

Your client can leave their investment until they're ready to use it for something important. When they need it they can withdraw it whenever they want.

Keeping track of
their investment

Every week we publish the price of each unit held in the ISA to help you and your client see the current value of the investment.

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We’re experienced – we’ve been looking after people's savings and investments since 1835.

In addition to the amount that has been automatically transferred from your client's CTF they can add to the ISA whenever they want – up to the government maximum of £20,000.

no tax
Just like the CTF your client won’t have to pay tax whenever they withdraw from their ISA and there’s no tax to pay when the investment increases in value. 

The Ethical Unit-linked ISA should be seen as a medium to long term investment but is very flexible, money can be added or withdrawn at any time.

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Five stars deserved for the lady aisling (Irish accent) she was extremely efficient and easy to deal with, polite and so very helpful with any questions we had with regards to the withdrawal. One star for the other lady’s that answered the phone as they clearly sounded half asleep and couldn’t be bothered to help at… Read more “Five stars deserved for the”

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Important Points

Every child born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 will have a Child Trust Fund (CTF).

They were opened with a voucher given to parents or guardians and designed to encourage long term savings to give young people a good financial start to adult life. The government made an initial contribution of either £250 or £500 (later reduced to £50) and once opened parents, grandparents and family friends could make additional investments into the fund, up to an annual limit that was set by the government.

Many parents and guardians chose not to invest the voucher and let HM Revenue & Customs, who ran the scheme for the government, allocate the voucher to one of a number of providers including Healthy Investment who were specially selected to operate Stakeholder CTFs.

The Healthy Investment Ethical Child Trust Fund is not a Stakeholder Child Trust Fund. It invests in a range of stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, commercial property and cash deposits.

It invests the child's CTF ethically. As well as avoiding investments in industries that cause harm to individuals and the environment, it seeks out those that are making a positive impact on the world.  

The mix of assets is slightly less risky than those in the Stakeholder CTF and may be less volatile but over the course of the investment may not generate as big a return.

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