Adult Savings Plans

We offer a range of ethical savings and investments products for your clients - including Tax Exempt Savings Plans which are only available from friendly societies. They’re a great way to save for a guaranteed cash sum for both children and adults. All of our adult products are With-profits policies that give your clients an exposure to stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, property and bank deposits, and include important guarantees.

Tax Exempt Savings Plan

Unique to friendly societies like ours, these plans are a great way to take advantage of an extra government tax break that’s available in addition to the ISA allowance. It means that clients can put money into their savings on a regular basis and gradually build a really useful cash sum. Individual TESPs can be taken out for each family member.

Savings Plan

Our Standard Savings Plans are a handy alternative if your clients want to save more than £25 a month (the government limit for Tax Exempt Savings Plans). They’ll still get a guaranteed minimum return, of up to £50,000, and life cover. As a qualifying life policy it means that the return your clients receive is free of income tax and capital gains tax.

Tax Exempt Savings Plan (without life cover)

These unique policies - which allow your clients to invest up to £25 a month tax free - mean they can grow their investment through bonuses and still get a guaranteed minimum return - but without the life assurance that comes with our traditional Tax Exempt and Standard Savings Plans.