Investment Bond

Impressive tax advantages for your clients

They can take out up to 5% income without any immediate tax being payable. Bonds are also a great way to minimise the amount of inheritance tax your client may have to pay one day.

Great returns, with the security they need

Our Investment Bond offers the best of all worlds - exposure to stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, property, and cash deposits, while smoothing the investment return they receive.

A bond for everyone

No age restrictions, and ethical too - making it the perfect investment choice for all ages. Investments for clients over 80 don’t have a reduced allocation, although they do have reduced life cover.

Your client can invest up to £1,000,000 via a cheque, made payable to Healthy Investment, or by bank transfer.
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Life assurance is included when they open the Bond, meaning that we’ll pay out 101% of the original investment (less any withdrawals) or the current value, whichever is greater if they die.

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With just £2,000 your clients can start growing their long-term investments today - a great alternative to bank or building society accounts.
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Our Series 4 (only available through financial advisers) With-profits Investment Bond gives a guaranteed return through generous capital and bonus guarantees.

Khadija was wonderfully supportive and informative with regard to our questions about our Healthy Investment Ethical ISAs and replied very quickly to our emails. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to invest with an excellent Friendly Society with such a long and successful history and virtuous… Read more “Khadija was wonderfully supportive and”

It has been very reassuring dealing with the same team members at Healthy Investment for the past 4 or 5 years. The phone always gets answered when you call and emails are always replied to. Everyone we have dealt with has been very prompt and clear in communication, friendly and professional. It makes a huge change from the majority of… Read more “It has been very reassuring”

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Important Points

UK residents of any age can invest in a Healthy Investment Investment Bond.

You might consider this bond if your client already has savings in a bank or building society and are now looking to put some money in to an investment that has some risk but the potential for higher returns.

Invest anything from £2,000 up to a maximum of £1,000,000.

They can take 5% of their investment every year, free from any penalties free and any immediate tax consequences.

They can make one off or set up regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) withdrawals from their bond.

You should see this bond as a medium to long term investment.

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