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Annual General Meeting 2018

The AGM is an opportunity to meet senior members of staff and Directors, where Members can hear more about the Society’s plans for the future and how we are looking to strengthen our ethical approach to investing.

As a mutual friendly society we are run for the benefit of our Members which means they have a say on how the Society is governed. This year we are delighted to be able to offer Members the option to vote online through our website, which will not only save money on postage costs for the profit of our Members but will help us to reduce our environmental impact.

By voting online the Society will donate £1 for each vote to our Charity of the Year, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, who are a local charity based in Bacup, Lancashire. Voting at the AGM is really important as it gives Members the chance to ask questions and make sure their voice is heard. The Society takes its governance very seriously and, with no shareholders to keep the Board in line, it is the members’ responsibility to challenge anything they see that doesn’t feel right.

2017 was another successful year for the Society with 115,015 members, where total assets increased to £158 million – an increase of 12.6% from the previous year.

In this year, Members chose to invest a sum of £14.4 million in the savings and investment products the Society provides. £9.6 million was invested in our Investment Bonds and ISA, and £4.8 million in our regular premium endowment contracts. In addition, over £500,000 was deposited into the Child Trust Funds that we manage.

At the very heart of everything we do, is our desire to be an ethical provider of ethical savings and investment products that meet the needs of our Members. In accordance with our principles, we do not invest directly in alcohol, arms and tobacco industries nor gambling and pornography providers.

The Society’s AGM takes place on Wednesday, 27 June at 10am at Bury Town Hall. If you are a Member and haven’t yet voted, you can still do so up until 25 June at 10am. Just click the link: and use your unique reference number on your Voting Card.

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