See the benefits of our with-profits investment

Its good news for Healthy Investment members as bonuses of over £1.7 million have been added to their With-profits investments.

The 2018 bonus declaration has now been finalised and all members will be receiving their bonus statement over the next few weeks.

With-profits that works

In a year of extremely challenging investment markets all our With-profits ISAs, Bonds and Savings Plans have had a bonus added that’s higher than inflation and better than the performance of the UK stock market.

Peter Green, Chief Executive of the Society, explained ‘2018 was a really tough year for investors with the index of the top 100 shares in the UK falling by over 12%. It’s still really difficult for savers to get a decent rate of interest on their deposit accounts, which is why we believe that With-profits works.’ #

Because returns on With-profits investments smooth out some of the highs and lows of stock market performance it means that Healthy Investment can add bonuses to members’ investments that are competitive.

Bonuses that benefit

When a regular (reversionary) bonus is added to a members’ ISA or Bond it’s locked in, it cannot be taken away.

It’s the same with Tax Exempt and Standard Savings Plans provided that the savings plan is maintained until it matures.

When a Healthy Investment investor withdraws or cashes in their investment they might also receive a final (terminal) bonus to further increase the amount they receive.

It’s important to remember that whilst a regular bonus once it’s been declared cannot be changed, bonus rates can change from year to year and interim and final bonuses can change during the year.

Peter added ‘we like to think that our bonuses benefit the wider world as we make sure our Ethical With-profits Fund never invests in industries that do harm.’

Guaranteeing your growth

With-profits investments include stocks and shares and fixed interest bonds, the value of which can rise and fall.

Whilst these offer opportunity for growth and our Ethical With-profits Fund is cautious in its approach to investment, it does mean that you could get back less than you invested if you withdraw from your Bond or ISA and there has been a fall in the value of investments in our Ethical With-profits Fund.

However all of our With-profits ISAs and Bonds (with the exception of series 1 and 2 bonds sold before 2003) include valuable capital and growth guarantees which means that you are guaranteed to get back everything you have invested plus any regular bonuses that have been added, less of course any withdrawals you have made if you withdraw from it on the 10th anniversary and any subsequent 5th anniversary of either the investment or, depending on which type of ISA you have, the end of the tax year in which you invested.

You can find out more about our Ethical ISA here:

You can find out more about our Investment Bond here:

Keeping members informed  

Members’ bonus statements will be issued over the next few weeks. These will tell members exactly how much has been added to the value of their investment.

We haven’t listed all of our bonus rates as they are different for different products but both the rate and the amount that has been added to the investment is shown clearly on the bonus statement.

You can find out more about our Ethical With-profits Fund and where it is invested here:

If you want to speak to one of our experienced membership team you can call us on 0161 762 5790 or email us on

Our website has lots of information about the Society, our history and values and the ethical investment products we provide.


# The features, terms and conditions and benefits of bank and building society deposits are different to those of an investment.

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