Healthy Investment announces the launch of a new Stocks & Shares ISA with an enhanced ethical approach to investing.

Ethical Investment ISA

An ISA is an ISA; so what’s special about the Healthy Investment Ethical ISA and how can it benefit investors?

A medium-low risk investment

It’s a stocks and shares ISA and is a great alternative, with different features and benefits, to cash ISAs for those investors prepared to take some risk for the potential of higher rewards. It’s equally as good for investors who may want to reduce the risk of an existing unit-linked ISA and benefit from more predictable returns.

Investments in Healthy Investment’s ISAs are diversified across different market areas and smooth returns to reduce the impact of short term investment market ups and downs. The new Ethical ISA has different features to previous issues. These features will allow the investment managers more freedom of scope and investment choice, all designed to increase the potential to achieve better returns in the long term. Capital at risk.

The new ISA welcomes transfers of cash ISAs and stocks and shares ISAs up to a limit of £500,000.

Whilst intended for medium to longer term investments the Healthy Investment Ethical ISA does not have any early withdrawal penalties.

An ethical investment aligned to your values

The Healthy Investment Ethical ISA continues to ensure your monies are not invested in industries that cause harm.

Whilst we have never invested in alcohol, arms and tobacco industries, we've extended the list of sectors we excluded to ensure that it aligns with the values that our members have told us are important to them.

We also seek out investments that will have a positive impact on the world.

We've been investing ethically since we were formed in 1835. Our founders avoided investing in alcohol because they could see the damage it was having on society, it's only right that we avoid investing in firms, in whatever sector of the economy, that are causing harm now.

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