Information for
parents and guardians

If your child has a Healthy Investment Child Trust Fund it will, on their 18th birthday, automatically convert to an adult Healthy Investment stocks and shares ISA. The investment will continue with all the same features, benefits and risks as the Child Trust Fund but your ‘child’ will now be able to take control of the investment and make withdrawals.

We believe that it’s important for you to know more about the options available and how best you can help them navigate probably the first important financial decision of their adult lives.

Talk about the

It’s important to talk to young people about how to use the proceeds of the Child Trust Fund wisely for their future.

We encourage parents and carers to talk about how the investment can help them get a good financial start in life.

Available when
it’s needed

We make it as easy as possible for young people to access their funds, but please encourage them to think carefully before they withdraw it.

They don’t have to withdrawal all or part of the money as soon as they turn 18.

Keeping track of
your investment

Healthy Investment ISAs are investments and whilst risk is spread across different companies and sectors the value of the ISA can fall as well as rise.

Every week we publish the price of each unit held in the ISA to help see the value of the investment.


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Important information
for parents

Child Trust Funds (CTFs) are tax-free savings products for children born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011. They were introduced in January 2005 to encourage long term saving and to provide financial support to children when they reach 18. The government made an initial contribution of between £250 and £500 (later reduced to £50) and sent vouchers to parents for these amounts as opening payments for the fund. Once opened parents and grandparents could make additional payments into the fund up to an annual limit set by government.

Child Trust Funds and All Share and Ethical Unit Linked ISAs are investments, and the value can rise and fall. Capital at risk, which means that the young person might, if stock markets fall, get less back than invested.

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