We are delighted that you have chosen to transfer your existing ISA to a Healthy Investment ISA.

We have everything we need to complete your transfer.

We will now send you a pack of information which will include all of the documents you have read and your completed transfer application form.

All you need to do is sign the form and return it to us in the envelope we provide. We will then contact your current ISA provider and arrange the transfer. We will send you confirmation once your ISA transfer has been completed.

If you have chosen to make additional subscriptions in this tax year any regular payments will be collected by Direct Debit 14 days from the completion of your ISA transfer. Any single investments you wish to make can be by cheque, made payable to Healthy Investment, or via bank transfer to:

Account: Healthy Investment
Bank: National Westminster
Branch: Manchester
Sort code: 01-10- 01
Account no: 65606213

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to call, message or email us.