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Cash ISA transfers

Cash ISAs have suffered from low interest rates for many years, but our Ethical Stocks and Shares ISA aims to achieve higher returns over the medium to long term by investing in a single fund containing a mix of stock market investments, government and corporate bonds, property and cash.

Transfer a Stocks and Shares ISA

If you are looking for a lower risk ISA, our Healthy Investment Stocks and Shares ISA could be ideal as you will be investing into our Ethical With-profits Fund, which includes a mix of stocks and shares, fixed interest bonds, commercial property and cash deposits. The mix of assets held changes over time.

A Guaranteed return

Stock markets can go down as well as up, but with our Stocks and Shares ISA you’ll always get
back your initial investment, plus all of the bonuses that have been added, less any withdrawals of course, as long as the investment is withdrawn on the 10th anniversary of opening the ISA or any subsequent 5th anniversary.

Start your Healthy Investment ISA
Transfer cash ISAs and stocks and shares ISAs up to a limit of £500,000 without affecting your annual ISA allowance.
Ethical ISAs
A truly ethical investment - no investment directly in companies in the alcohol, tobacco and arms industries.
Must be over 18
Safe and secure - 100% of your investment covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, not limited to £50,000 or £85,000.
Transfer ISAs to Ours without affecting your allowance
Bonuses added annually depending on investment performance, once added cannot be taken away.

Been a fan of Healthy Investment for years. Very professional very efficient, great service a delight to deal with. Highly recommended, Allan. C

The customer service that I received was excellent. My query was settled to my satisfaction within 2 days. Considering that there is a pandemic on I think that is marvellous. Thank you everyone.

Timely helpful support

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Important Points

You might consider the Healthy Investment Ethical ISA if you have an existing cash ISA and are looking for an investment that has some risk but the potential to achieve higher returns over the medium to long term.

You might also consider this ISA if you wish to reduce the risk profile of an existing Stocks and Shares ISA by investing in the Healthy Investment Ethical Stocks and Shares ISA that invests in a single fund of stocks and shares, fixed interest bonds, commercial property and cash deposits with a low to medium risk profile with capital and bonus guarantees on specific anniversary dates.

You can invest any amount up to £500,000 with the knowledge that 100% of your investment is covered under the financial services compensation scheme.

Transferring your ISA is simple. We take care of all the details and contact your existing providers to arrange the ISA transfer. All we need is the name of your existing supplier and your ISA account number.

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"The lady who dealt with my claim at Healthy Investment was excellent, well-mannered and very helpful all round."
Ann from Isle of Man

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Opening a Healthy Investment ISA is really easy.

If you have any questions now or whilst you are applying just give us a ring or send us a message and we will help you.

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