Make the Most of Your ISA

In an article published on 17 September in the Financial Services supplement of the London Evening Standard, we discuss the Healthy Investment Stocks and Shares ISA. You can read the article on page 14 here: Making the Most of Your ISA.

You may be disappointed with the interest rate you are earning on your cash ISA or concerned about the daily volatility of your stocks and shares ISA – in which case, a Healthy Investment Stocks and Shares ISA might be right for you.

Did you know that you can invest any unused ISA allowance and transfer both your cash ISA and stocks and shares ISA to a Healthy Investment ISA?

With a Healthy Investment Stocks and Shares ISA, you won’t pay tax on the return you get from your investment. Stock markets can rise and fall which makes the capital and growth guarantees included in the Healthy Investment ISA valuable. You are guaranteed to get back all of your initial investment plus all of the bonuses added, less any withdrawals of course, on the 10th anniversary of the investment and every subsequent five years thereafter.

Your investment will grow through the regular bonuses that are added every year and you will start to earn from day one. You may also get a final bonus when you withdraw all or part of the ISA. The level of bonus can change each year and isn’t guaranteed. Healthy Investment’s declared bonus rate for 2017 was 2.75%.

If you decide to transfer your ISA to a Healthy Investment ISA, you will be investing in the company’s ethical With-profits Fund, which includes a mix of stocks and shares, fixed interest bonds, commercial property and cash deposits. The ethical With-profits Fund doesn’t invest directly in companies in the alcohol, tobacco and arms industries, nor gambling or pornography providers.

The Society aims to provide a consistent return by smoothing the investment return to avoid volatile fluctuations in the value of your investment. Smoothing may not protect you against long term or sustained falls in the value of investments.

For further information about how we invest Members’ money and the ethical investment products we provide, please visit our website at or contact the friendly team at Healthy Investment on 0161 762 5790; or email

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