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Formed in 1835 we have a long history and tradition of
being an ethical organisation.

For us, acting in an ethical way isn’t just an added extra. It’s a fundamental part of who we are, and who we’ve always been, since our foundation in 1835.

 The people who founded our society were committed to doing things the right way - the mutual, friendly way - where everything we do is for the benefit of you, our members. We have no shareholders to worry about, so we can just concentrate on giving you the best products, the highest returns and a first class service.

And those first founders also believed, as we still do, that you can only do this by investing in things that don’t cause harm to others. That’s why, even today, we never invest directly in alcohol, tobacco or arms companies and gambling and pornography providers.

Our Investment Funds

We’re proud to offer a competitive range of ethical savings and investments products for children and adults. With the exception of our Child Trust Funds all our products are With-profits policies, meaning your money will be invested in a mix of stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds and property through to bank deposits.

Whether you’re investing for yourself or a child’s future we have a range of fixed term and flexible savings and investment plans available.

Manage your

Here you can access everything you need to manage your membership with us. Request more details about a particular product, sign up to a new policy online, get a valuation of an existing policy, change your personal details, let us know about a death claim or set up a new Direct Debit.

Rechabite Products

If you’ve been with us a while you may have a policy or product that you took our when were still known as the Rechabite Friendly Society, but which we no longer promote. Find out more about your old policy and the benefits it may still provide you here.


Coventry Assurance

Back in 2011, the members and policies from Coventry Assurance were transferred over to us. If you were a member of Coventry Assurance then you are now a full voting member of Healthy Investment - find out what that means and more here.

Talk to Us

We are a mutual, friendly society, which means we're run solely for the benefit of you, our members. That means that your views really do have an impact on how we’re run – so we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to tell us what you think - good or bad - about our service, our products and our website. And if you have any memories of the Society that you’d like to share, then please let us know.

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