In the Community

Our ethical, friendly, mutual society was born out of a sense of community - the idea that simply by working together, with a shared, common interest, we can make life better for more people. Of course our focus is financial, but this sense of community is absolutely fundamental to who we are – and it informs the work we do to support the causes that matter to our members.

Our charity for 2018

sophie lancaster foundation logo

Sophie Lancaster Foundation

In 2007, Sophie Lancaster was tragically killed in an attack on her and her partner in a park in Bacup, Lancashire. She was targeted simply because she dressed differently - and after her death her parents and friends decided to set up a foundation in her name to focus on creating respect for and the understanding of subcultures in our communities.

We’re enormously proud to support them as our chosen charity, and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation will benefit from a range of fundraising and awareness raising activities that we’re planning for the coming year. Make sure you check back often to see what we’ve been up to.

What really matters to you?

If there’s a cause that you’re passionate about that you would like us to consider supporting, then we’d love to hear from you.