Investment Bond

Great returns, with the security you need

Our Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond offers the best of all worlds - exposure to stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, property, and cash deposits, while smoothing the investment return you receive.

An investment you can afford to make

With just £500 you can start growing your long-term investments today - a great alternative to bank or building society accounts.

A bond for everyone

No age restrictions - making it the perfect investment choice, whether for you, your children or your grandkids. And it’s ethical too - we never knowingly invest directly in the alcohol, tobacco and arms industries or gambling and pornography providers.
Invest up to £500,000

Invest up to £250,000 in bonds in one name, and up to £500,000 for joint bonds, via a cheque or by bank transfer.

Life assurance included
Life assurance is included when you open the bond, meaning that we’ll pay out 101% of the original investment (less any withdrawals) or the current value (whichever is greater).
regular bonuses

Earn regular bonuses from day one on your investment. You might also get a final bonus when you cash in the bond. Bonus rates can change every year.

capital and bonus guarantees

Protect your capital and growth through our generous capital and bonus guarantees. On the 10th anniversary and every subsequent 5th anniversary you're guaranteed to get back your initial investment plus all the bonuses that have been added (less any withdrawals).

Important Points

UK residents of any age can invest in a Healthy Investment Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond.

You might consider this bond if you already have savings in a bank or building society and you are now looking to put some money into an investment that has some risk but the potential for higher returns.

Invest anything from £500 up to a maximum of £250,000 in your own name or £500,000 in joint names.

You can take 5% (of your investment) withdrawals penalty free each year from your bond and without any immediate tax consequences.

You can make a one off or set up regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) withdrawals from your bond.

You should see this bond as a medium to long term investment.

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"I would definitely consider investing again in an Investment Bond with Healthy Investment."
Thomas from Coleraine

"I would definitely consider using Healthy Investment again for an Investment Bond or for other savings and investment policies."
Carol from Newton

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