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We are here to help you make an ethical investment for your future or for the future of those that you care about most.

Our With-profits Fund invests your money in industries that are involved in activities that benefit society and the environment.

Who are you investing for?

investing for yourself


If you’re looking for an ISA, an Investment Bond, or a Savings Plan, our range of ethical savings and investments can help you invest for your future.

investing for your child

My Child

We all want to give the children that we care about the very best start in life. Our range of ethical savings and investment plans can help.

investing for your grandchild

My Grandchild

Take the opportunity of helping your grandchild get the best financial start in life with one of our ethical savings and investment products.

Our Ethical Investments

Our Ethical With-profits Fund avoids investing in alcohol, arms, tobacco and fur manufacturing industries and companies that make products or ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Individual Savings Account


A Healthy Investment ISA is a great way of ensuring you don’t pay tax on the gains you make from your investment. You can invest up to £20,000 every tax year in ISAs.

Ethical Investment Bond

Investment Bond

If you have a cash sum that you want to invest for the future a Healthy Investment, Investment Bond is a great way of investing in an ethical fund for the future. It includes capital and growth guarantees on key anniversaries of the investment.

Junior ISA

Junior ISA

The Healthy Investment Junior ISA is a flexible investment that gives you the opportunity to invest for a child's future. Anyone can invest for the children they care about.

ISA Transfer

ISA Transfer

Transferring your existing Cash ISAs or Stocks and Shares ISAs into a Healthy Investment Stocks & Shares ISA couldn’t be easier. We take care of all the details by contacting your existing ISA providers and arranging the transfer into our ethically invested With-profits Fund.

Junior ISA Transfer

Junior ISA Transfer

If your child already has a Junior cash ISA or Junior Stocks and Shares ISA with another provider you can transfer it to our ethically invested Stocks & Shares Junior ISA. Our Junior ISA transfer service will allow you to simply transfer your current account to the Stocks and Shares Junior ISA with peace of mind. 

savings plans

Savings Plans

We offer a Tax Exempt Savings Plan (with and without life cover) as well as a Standard Savings Plan. These Tax Exempt Savings Plans are unique to friendly societies and offer a guaranteed minimum cash sum when they mature.

Child Trust Fund

Child Trust Fund

If you have a Healthy Investment stakeholder Child Trust Fund or our Ethical Child Trust Fund you can make additional investments on-line. Whilst you can’t open a new Child Trust Fund you can transfer an existing Child Trust Fund to one of Healthy Investments.

Why Choose Healthy Investment

Healthy Investment is a mutual friendly society committed to being an ethical provider of ethical investments.

Our vision is to invest for a better future, deliver good financial returns and make a difference to society and the environment.

Established 1935

Established 1835

Formed in Salford in 1835 the Society has a long history of providing ethical savings and investments. Formed as part of the temperance movement the Society has over the years been a significant part of the friendly society movement.

Ethical Investments


For Healthy Investment being ethical is so much more than just avoiding investments in industries that do harm and investing in those that do good. It impacts on everything we do including our environmental and people policies.

Mutual (No Shareholders)


There are no shareholders to benefit from your investment, which means that everything we do is for the benefit of our members. It also allows us to offer Tax Exempt Savings Plans which are only available from friendly societies.

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