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The birth and bringing up of a child carries an enormous amount of responsibility and cost to parents. You naturally want the best for your child so the sooner you start saving or investing in their future could make a huge difference later.

Act Now!

A Junior ISA is a great way of investing for your kids in order to give them a good financial start in life. A Junior ISA can be opened by a parent or guardian of a child. Once opened, anyone can make additional payments into it. The sooner you open a Junior ISA, the sooner parents, relatives and friends can start saving for your child’s future, enabling gift contributions around birthdays and other special occasions.

You can start paying into a Junior ISA for as little as £10 per month or, if you prefer to open with a one-off payment, you can do so from £10. The current Junior ISA limit is £4,260 in the 2018/19 tax year.

Remember, a small amount invested on a regular basis could grow into a large sum that may help your child with university costs or a deposit on a house – a little goes a long way!

Healthy Investment’s Junior ISA is flexible which means you can change the amount you invest or stop it whenever you want.

A Helping Hand When They Need it Most

Once your child reaches 18 they can choose to leave the money in an Adult ISA or use it to pay towards buying a car, a deposit on a house or university costs etc. Not only is the Junior ISA a flexible investment but the proceeds are tax-free.

As a mutual friendly society, Healthy Investment are owned by and run for the sole benefit of our Members (policyholders). This means that there are no shareholders to profit in any way from your investment. Everything we do is for the advantage of our Members.

As an ethical provider of savings and investment products, we will not invest your child’s money in companies that deal in alcohol, arms and tobacco nor gambling and pornography providers.

If you are not sure whether this investment is suitable, we recommend that you seek professional financial advice.

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