Transfer your Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA

If your child’s Child Trust Fund (CTF) has been invested in a Stakeholder CTF all of your child’s money is likely to be invested in stocks and shares.

If you are looking to reduce the risk of the value of the investment falling as they get nearer to their 18th birthday then you might consider transferring it to a Junior ISA.



Important information

The Healthy Investment Junior ISA invests in the Healthy Investment With-profits Fund, which means that whilst the risk of the Junior ISA being affected by sudden falls in share prices is less than some stocks and shares Junior ISAs, the value can fall as well as rise. However the Healthy Investment Junior ISA comes with important capital and growth guarantees to ensure your children receive back the initial investment plus all the bonuses that have been added to their Junior ISAs, providing it is withdrawn on one of the key anniversary dates. 

If the Junior ISA is withdrawn on any date other than the guaranteed anniversary dates, and if the value of investments has fallen to the extent that we are not able to smooth out these market fluctuations, then the value may be less than your initial investment.

If you are not sure that this Junior ISA is suitable for you then you should consider independent financial advice. Tax and Junior ISA rules can change in the future.


Is a transfer to a Junior ISA right for my Child Trust Fund?

  • If your child was born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 they will have been issued with a CTF voucher that has been invested with a financial services company. 
  • Healthy Investment is just one of those companies trusted by the government to manage Child Trust Funds.
  • The government has now closed the CTF scheme but you can contribute money to an existing CTF or transfer the funds to a Junior ISA.
  • Many people make additional contributions to their child’s CTF, whilst some left the initial investment to grow in value.
  • You cannot have both a Child Trust Fund and a Junior ISA, but you can transfer an existing Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA.
  • In a Healthy Investment Junior ISA your money will be invested in an Ethical With-profits Fund containing a mix of assets including stocks and shares, company and government bonds, commercial property and bank deposits. 
  • Our With-profits Fund is managed cautiously, it has some risk but the potential for higher returns than a cash Junior ISA and less risk than a Stakeholder CTF.
  • We take care of the transfer and contact your existing provider to make the arrangements, even if you do not know the name of your existing CTF provider.
  • You can continue to add up to £4,368 to a Junior ISA in the current tax year.
  • Our Junior ISA contains valuable capital and growth guarantees on key anniversary dates to guarantee a tax free payout when you child reaches 18.

If you believe a Healthy Investment Junior ISA could be for you, then transfer your Child Trust Fund online today.


If you want more information read on or call our Membership Team on
0161 762 5790.

Over 185 years of experience

Healthy Investment is a mutual friendly society formed in 1835. It looks after the money of over 100,000 members and has no shareholders to benefit in any way from your investment. All of our Junior ISA investors' money is invested in our With-profits Fund and members share in all of the profits of the Society. They receive their share in the form of annual bonuses, added to their investment, reflecting the performance of investments in the Fund.

Our Ethical Stocks & Shares Junior ISA

Balances in Child Trust Funds may be growing to significant levels, so it is time to look at alternative ways to improve returns or minimise risk. Our Ethical Stocks and Shares Junior ISA gives you this opportunity over the medium to long term by investing in a single fund containing a mix of stock market investments, government and corporate bonds, property and cash deposits, all of which are expertly managed to maximise the potential for growth whilst adopting a cautious approach.

Our Junior ISA is truly flexible with no minimum term allowing you to change or freeze payments whenever you need to.

Investing in an Ethical Fund

Our Ethical With-profits Fund only invests in companies that can demonstrate responsible business practices and never knowingly invests directly in companies in the alcohol, tobacco and arms industries and gambling and pornography providers. It’s not just our investments which are ethical, in the office we only use fairly traded refreshments and we pursue ethical purchasing, HR and environmental policies.

A Guaranteed Return

Wouldn’t it be great to offer a child a guaranteed tax-free payout when they turn 18? With our Junior ISA that’s what they get. For all investments held over 5 years, we guarantee they will receive all of the money that has been invested, plus all the bonuses that have been added. They may also receive a final bonus. For investments held for less than 5 years at age 18, we make this same promise on the 5th anniversary of every investment.

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