Ethical ISA

A Tax Free Friendly Society ISA that aims to outperform Cash ISAs but with a lower risk than many conventional Stocks and Shares ISAs.



Important Information

Unlike cash ISAs, the value of stocks and shares ISAs can fall as well as rise. However our Healthy Investment ISA provides 100% capital and growth guarantees on key anniversaries and aims to provide a consistent return on your investment and reduce the impact of short term stock market fluctuations.

If the value of investments has fallen to the extent that we are not able to smooth out these market fluctuations and you do not withdraw your investment on one of the guaranteed capital and growth anniversaries you may get back less than you have invested.

If you are not sure that this ISA is suitable for you then you should consider independent advice. Tax rules can change in the future.


Is this an ISA for me?

  • Are you looking to put some money into a cautious investment that has some risk but the potential for higher returns than a Cash ISA?
  • Are you are looking to save regularly from £25 a month or invest a lump sum from £500 to £20,000 in this tax year?
  • Are you looking to invest in an ethical fund that only invests in companies that can demonstrate responsible business practices and never invests in alcohol, arms and alcohol industries or gambling and pornography providers?
  • Are you looking to invest your money for the medium to long term knowing that you can withdraw it at any time without any withdrawal charges?
  • Are you looking to transfer an ISA you have with another provider without affecting your current year's ISA allowance?

Then the Healthy Investment Ethical Stocks and Shares ISA could be for you.


If you want more information read on or call our Membership Team on
0161 762 5790.

Over 185 years of experience

Healthy Investment is a mutual friendly society formed in 1835. It looks after the money of over 100,000 members and has no shareholders to benefit in any way from your investment. All of our ISA investors' money is invested in our With-profits Fund and members share in all of the profits of the Society. They receive their share in the form of annual bonuses, added to their investment, reflecting the performance of investments in the Fund.

An Ethical Investment

If you invest in our Ethical ISA we promise never to invest your money in alcohol, arms and tobacco industries and gambling and pornography providers. It’s not just our investments which are ethical, in the office we only use fairly traded refreshments and we pursue ethical purchasing, HR and environmental policies.

Our Ethical With-profits Fund

When you invest in a Healthy Investment ISA you invest in a single fund which includes stocks and shares, fixed interest bonds, commercial property and cash deposits, all of which are expertly managed to maximise the potential for growth whilst adopting a cautious approach.

Capital & Growth Guarantees

As a Healthy Investment ISA holder you also benefit from a special guarantee that, no matter what has happened to the stock and other investment market values, on the 10th anniversary of opening the ISA and every subsequent 5th anniversary you are guaranteed to get back everything you have invested plus all the bonuses we have added, less any withdrawals you have made.

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