Child Trust Funds from Healthy Investment

Every child born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 was issued with a Child Trust Fund voucher. They are a great way of helping your child get a good financial start in life.


Healthy Investment is an ethical mutual friendly society which means that we are owned by and run for the sole of members. There are no shareholders to benefit from your child's investment.


As from 6th April 2015 the government have announcement that parents have the option to transfer their child’s Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA.


As a provider of both Child Trust Funds and Junior ISAs we can explain the similarities and differences between Child Trust Fund and Junior ISA to you. If you want to discuss these changes in more detail or the differences between a Child Trust Fund and a Junior ISA then simply contact us.


You can find our more about the history and ethics of Healthy Investment from the Society’s website here...


Stakeholder Child Trust Fund

Our stakeholder Child Trust Fund meets all the government’s criteria to qualify as a stakeholder Child Trust Fund. This does not mean that the investment is necessarily suitable for your child or that performance is guaranteed. You can find out more about Healthy Investment’s stakeholder Child Trust Fund.


Ethical Child Trust Fund

Healthy Investment’s Ethical Child Trust Fund avoids direct investments in alcohol, arms and tobacco industries and gambling and pornography providers. It is not a stakeholder fund and invests in a range of assets including stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds and bank deposits. Investment performance is not guaranteed.



Healthy Investment is a leading provider of Child Trust Funds. Our range of Stakeholder and Ethical Child Trust Funds provides your child with the growth potential of a stock market based investment. Please remember that, as with most stock market based investments, the value can fall as well as rise and that they may get back less than is invested for them. 


Existing Members 

If you already have a Healthy Investment Child Trust Fund you can find out more information about it, access all the forms you need to manage the child's account, request a current valuation or make additional contributions to the fund click here...



Other providers

Not all Child Trust Funds are the same. If you have invested, or your Child Trust Fund has been allocated to another provider, find out just how simple it is to transfer it to Healthy Investment. 


Find out more about Healthy Investment’s Stakeholder and Ethical Child Trust Funds and download everything you need online here...


Revenue Allocated Child Trust Funds

If HM Revenue and Customs have automatically allocated your voucher to Healthy Investment you can start to take control of it now. Register your details online to ensure that you receive correspondence directly here...




Other ways of saving for Children

If your child has missed out on a Child Trust Fund you can still make sure that they have a cash sum when they turn 18.


Maybe you want your child to receive a cash lump sum when they are a bit older or maybe you want to invest over the annual Child Trust Fund limit.


Healthy Investment can help with its range of savings and investment plans specially designed for children.

Our Tax Exempt Savings Plan includes a guaranteed amount when the policy matures.

Our Junior ISA also includes important capital and bonus guarantees.

Why not find out more about the unique tax advantages of investing in a friendly society.






Top up your Child Trust Fund online


Healthy Investment is one of the only providers to allow you to invest in your Child Trust Fund online by debit card. 




Junior ISA


If your child missed out on a Child Trust Fund you can now invest in a Healthy Investment Junior ISA. If they have a Child Trust Fund with Healthy Investment or another provider they can transfer it to a Junior ISA.

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