Stakeholder Child Trust Fund

When you choose our Stakeholder Child Trust Fund you’ll be in safe hands. We invest in a range of stocks and shares that aim to spread the risk of the child’s investment over the years - however as with any stock market investment the value can fall and rise and the child may not receive back as much as you’ve invested.

Fixed charges

Our Stakeholder Child Trust Fund keeps the charges guaranteed - they’ll never be more than 1.5% of the value of the account each year.

A wide range of stocks and shares

Our Stakeholder Child Trust Fund invests in many different kinds of stocks and shares by tracking the performance of over 600 of the UKs top companies.

Investments can be made by anyone

Once a Child Trust Fund has been set up, anyone - parents, grandparents or family friends - can make one off or regular investments.

We’re experienced – we look after over 80,000 Child Trust Funds

An investment account for children born between 1st September 2002 and 3rd January 2011


Payments can be made in to our Child Trust Funds online by debit card


Neither you or the child will have to pay tax on any of the money that is paid out of the Child Trust Fund

Important Points

You may have chosen to invest in a Healthy Investment Stakeholder Child Trust Fund or your unused voucher may have been allocated to us.

If your child already has a Child Trust Fund with another provider you can transfer it to a Healthy Investment Child Trust Fund.

You might decide to make additional contributions to the Child Trust Fund if you have savings in a bank or building society and you are now looking to put some money into a tax free investment for the child which has some risk that the child might get back less than has been paid in, in return for the possibility of a higher return

You can make one off or regular additional investments, online, by cheque or by direct debit.

Because of the tax advantages of Child Trust Funds the government limits the amount you can invest from one birthday to the next. The current limit is £4,128.

You should see this as a long term investment as generally no money can be taken out until the child is 18.

Tax and rules for Child Trust Funds could change.

As a stock market based investment the value of the fund can go up and down.

What the child gets back will depend on how well our investments do.

If you have any doubt whether this Child Trust Fund is right for your child, you might want to consider talking to a financial adviser.

The Healthy Investment Stakeholder Child Trust Fund invests in a wide range of stocks and shares in order to spread the risk of a single share or sector underperforming. The fund is currently 100% invested in the Legal & General UK All Share Tracker Fund.

It meets all of the government’s requirements to be a Stakeholder product, which includes a charges cap, investments in a wide range of stocks and shares and minimum payment rules.

Whilst our Child Trust Fund meets the stakeholder minimum standards, it does not automatically mean that it is right for the child or that there is any guarantee of its value.

The Healthy Investment Stakeholder Child Trust Fund has the growth potential of a stock market based product, which means that the value of the fund may fall as well as rise. Your child may get back less than has been invested for them.

We publish every week the price of each unit held in your child’s Child Trust Fund here.

Junior ISAs have been available since the government stopped the Child Trust Fund scheme.

If your child does not have a Child Trust Fund they can open a Junior ISA.

Child Trust Funds can be transferred to Junior ISAs, however if you transfer your child’s CTF to a cash Junior ISA their capital will be guaranteed but they will miss out on the potential of a stock market investment.

You can find out about Healthy Investment’s stocks and shares Junior ISA, which includes some capital and bonus guarantees here

HM Revenue & Customs automatically allocated the Child Trust Fund vouchers for those that were not invested within the first year.

If your child’s Child Trust Fund voucher was automatically allocated and you do not know which provider currently holds your child’s Child Trust Fund simply complete HMRC’s online form here

It generally takes HMRC around 3 to 4 weeks to respond

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Transferring a Child Trust Fund to Healthy Investment is really easy.

If you have any questions now or whilst you are transferring just give us a ring or send us a message and we will help you.