When your investments don’t go up in smoke

Throughout it’s 185 year history Healthy Investment has pursued an ethical investment strategy for its members and whilst it’s clear that since it’s formation in 1835 we have never invested in alcohol industries like breweries, distributors and pub chains, its historical relationship with tobacco stocks is less clear.

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Child Trust Fund Piggy Bank

Child Trust Funds – Your Choices

The outbreak of coronavirus has had a significant impact on global financial markets with stock markets seeing initial falls of up to 30% in value since the beginning of the year. Despite markets recovering some, but not all, of their value what does this mean for holders of Child Trust Funds?

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Healthy Investment Support Local Food Bank

Working from home, being furloughed or being in self isolation can bring with it lots of problems, not least of which is more pressure on the household budget and difficulty in accessing food.

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